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New Services!

Ask us about Online Giving and Online Event Registrations. These services can be seamlessly integrated with your own Website and interfaces with the Mailing List, Contributions, and Event Registrations modules.

Online Giving
Open up the flood gates of giving to all your giving designations. Memebers, visitors and guests can donate to any and all your giving designations and giivng is posted directly to your ChurchHelper's Contributions giving ledger

Online Registrations
Allow registrations and payments to any and all events with your men's, women's, children's, nd youth ministries. Event registration information is captured and posted directly into the ChurfhHelper's Event Registrations module for easy reporting and rooming assignments.

When You speak, We listen!
We are continuously listening to YOU,  our most valued customer! We are partnering with you, to help facilitate ministry with those God has placed into your care and to those in your surrounding communities.
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Christian Computing Magazine Features
ChurchHelper ChMS

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Christian Computing Magazine Featured Church Helper Church Management Solutions as their November 2011 cover story. Read how ChurchHelper can benefit you in your ministry over other ChMS and why ChurchHelper has grown over 1,100%.  Click here to read article

Church Helper Mobile Device Solutions!

ChurchHelper is pleased announce the release of our Contact and Group mobile device solutions.  Click on the video to view our 33sec video.



Desire More Effective Ministry?

ChurchHelper is a ministry focused Web-based church management software, district or organization management software for managing your organizations;

  • mailing list
  • membership
  • donations
  • visitors assimiliation
  • attendance
  • emails & text messaging
  • youth groups
  • small groups
  • events
  • prospects

ChurchHelper church management solutions have been a valuable resource for churches and organizations offices since 1985. We help you be more efficient and effective in ministry by offering Web-based solutions for enhancing communications with leadership, members, and those on your mailing lists. To see how these soluitons can help you, join us for FREE WEBINARS to see the ChurchHelper solutions!


Our ministry to you is to provide you with a completely user friendly, powerful, and integrated set of solutions that will assist you in your organization's ministry vision. We do this by providing services and solutions that enhance your organization, and by minimizing your efforts while maximizing your results! We make it easy for you to succeed, and to increase your effectiveness in ministry! Simply register to begin using ChurchHelper's TABS Online system.


ChurchHelper is User Friendly

Historically, church management systems have been menu driven systems with menu after menu opened simply to view your data. This quickly turned systems into becoming data repositories where data was hidden and cumbersome to retrieve. On the other hand, Churchhelper has from the beginning developed solutions which are data driven - meaning you have access to your data, and it is your data that drives the information you see and retrieve, not pop-up menus.


ChurchHelper understands how tedious data procesisng can be, so a standard feature with ChurchHelper is a Web solution without scrolling or having to open menu upon menu to preform your work! Working or accessing data from the Web usually requires scrolling up and down to access or view information. This is a nice feature of the Web, however, not so nice when having to scroll repeatedly while performing data entry functions over and over again. ChurchHelper has eliminated the burden of having to scroll from all it's solutions!


ChurchHelper's Motto

A solution is only a solution when it makes what you do easiler, enabling you to do more in less time then what you were able to do any other way. This is what drives ChurchHelper - to provide you with solutions that meet this basic philosophy.

ChurchHelper's Slogan is "Facilitating Ministry"

  To:   make easy, ease, make possible, smooth the process of, help, aid, assist.

This is a core belief for everything ChurchHelper does; from our software solutions, training, to support, everything is built upon this foundation!