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"We switched from Shelby over 12yrs ago and have not looked back. Tabs has been a GOD-send with its user-friendly applications to all the new revisions that have taken place over the years. It has been a wonderful journey.

We have seen how Tabs has blossomed over the years into what it is today and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.
 Thank you for the Tabs Software.

Erica McComb
Riverside Foursquare
Wind of the Spirit
Pastor Michael Edward


"Amazing time saving tool for any church.  We've been using for 2 years, and love it.  The technical support has been #1.  The very few times we run across a problem, they are right there to answer that question, and show us the latest & greatest features. 
Thanks for all you do! 
Grace & Peace,"

ackie Kiefer
Associate Pastor
Living Faith Church

Foursquare Church
Wichita Falls, TX



ChurchHelper Products

ChurchHelper helps you minister to those in your congregation by providing Contacts, Donations, Groups (attendance & small groups), Visitor Follow-Up Care (response cards, prayer requests), Event Scheduling, Discipleship Development, Counseling Care, District Leadership and Volunteer products in one complete user friendly church administration Web-based solution. It's online, available anytime, and user-friendly! Our service is priced so reasonably, even church plants to small churches - all the way to mega-churches can take advantage of the ministry tools we offer!  For a more indepth  description (click here).

Contacts (mailing list)

This solution offers an easy to use, Web-based, state-of-the-art, powerful solution, accessible via an Internet connection. Quickly and easily enter households, family member records, individual home phone, cellular phone, cellular provider for text messaging, send bulk emails and text messaging to multiple households, individual family members, or to any other searchable groups!


The Donations module offers a very user friendly process for quickly entering and posting giving. Maintain giving for couples or individuals. Enter giving by children or other family members and generate statements which indicate the totals for each giving family member. Easily and quickly enter households, post all contributions giving areas for tithes, offerings, missions, building fund, special, and non-tax deductable categories simultaneously.


Online Giving

This module works seamlessly with the Contributions Module for processing donations online via a merchant services account - while posting donations directly into the donor's giving file automatically.


Groups (attendance & small groups)

This module handles all your small groups needs and provides you with a very robust solution for developing and maintaining information for those who are involved in a ministry or small group. This data can also be interfaced with Churchhelper's Check-In / Kiosks (touch Screen) applications which offer a well rounded and powerful tool for providing ministry opportunities to others. Take attendance for any group or sub-group, or maintain leadership for various groups. You can also select any ministry/group and send personalized text messages, emails or letters.


Visitor Follow-Up Care (response cards, prayer requests, evangelism)

Here is an easy to use, extremely powerful tool that is a Web-based, state-of-the-art solution for developing and maintaining an ongoing vibrant ministry of care and assimilation for both visitors and regular attenders to your church! With this module, you can assign people to either a Follow-Up, Evangelism, Small Group, or Prayer Request team member, and notify them by email to initiate a contact for follow-up purposes. The team members can also enter and maintain notes of their conversations and a next follow-up call time can be scheduled automatically. User permissions can be defined to either allow access to view all households, or to show only households assigned specifically to them.



This module works with the Groups module for allowing attendees to check-in and automating their attendance posting for you. You can use this module on kiosks touch-screens and has a scanner interface for quick & easy check-in. You can also use this module on your iPad as well.


Event Registrations

Event Registration Module provides registrations for an unlimited number of events for either on-site or off-site events! This module allows you to keep track of cost, dates, locations, event types and more. It is also easily integrated with the Mailing List Modual for quickly adding registrants from existing household family members without having to re-type their personal information.

Denominational District offices can have access to any or all event registrants (permissions allowed), for easily assigning rooms for camp and other events! Payments or registrants can either be tracked by the church or the District. User definable categories like camper, leader, volunteer, staff, with user definable registration document requirements.

Online Registrations

This module works seamlessly with the Event Registrations Module for processing registrations online via a merchant services account - while posting registration information directly into the event file automatically.


 For a more indepth description (click here).