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At ChurchHelper our focus is to help you minister to those in your congregation and in your surrounding communities by first caring for you! We do this first by providing ministry focused solutions that make your administrative tasks easier to perform. Next we serve you by being available to help you when you need it, to assist you in learning how the same tasks you're doing elsewhere can be done more quickly and easily with ChurchHelper!


View us as an extended team member - a trusted team member available when you need them most! Our goal is to help you be as efficient and as effective as possible in your ministry!

Wind of the Spirit - Foursquare Church

"We switched from Shelby over 12yrs ago and have not looked back. Tabs has been a GOD-send with its user-friendly applications to all the new revisions that have taken place over the years. It has been a wonderful journey.

We have seen how Tabs has blossomed over the years into what it is today and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for the Tabs Software."

Erica McComb,
Riverside Foursquare-Wind of the Spirit
Pastor Michael Edwards



Hope Chapel Huntington Beach - Foursquare Churchhanks for all


"Thanks for all you do - you really are the ultimate church helper!"

Megan Knight
Hope Chapel Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach, CA.



Living Faith Church - Foursquare Church


"Amazing time saving tool for any church.  We've been using for 2 years, and love it.  The technical support has been #1.  The very few times we run across a problem, they are right there to answer that question, and show us the latest & greatest features. 

Thanks for all you do Grace & Peace,"


Jackie Kiefer

Associate Pastor

Living Faith Church

Wichita Falls, TX




Victorious Church International - Foursquare Church


April 17th, 2011

"Dear Church Helper Team,

As a new church we very much appreciate the professional way in which you care for us. You have become a part of our local church team, by helping us to cope with the administrative challenges that we face as we grow in number. Thank You for helping us to fulfill the Lord’s desire in us, to genuinely care for the people that He has placed in our care.

After using People Driven Software and trying to use another program for church administration we found your team not only professional, but very relational. You have continually coached us in the use of your software and keep allowing us to ask questions without any additional expense that many of the other church administrative companies require.

Also, as we keep using the Church Helper software we realized that the features available in it are great for any church of any size. The possibilities of adapting these features to our church’s need have been great. Thank you Church Helper Team, for being an extension of our Church’s ministry and for helping us to do what the Lord has given us to do with excellence."


Pastors Mark and Angelica Ashmore

Victorious Church International

The Yuma Foursquare Church




The Grove Community Church - Missionary & Alliance Church


"ChurchHelper TABS Visitors Follow-Up Care module: I made a bunch of follow-up calls today and this new system (TABS) works so well, and it was so much easier than before! 

I had all the info I needed right in front of me, even for the pastoral calls, making me sound so smart and up-to-date! I was truly scared to death to try a new system, but now I am a fan of TABS! We can now do what we couldn’t do with Shelby!"
Becky White
Ministry Support

The Grove Community Church
Riverside, CA.



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